'Ask me not what I can do for children with cerebral palsy, but ask me what they can learn to do for themselves'

A. Peto


about us

Our journey with Conductive Education starts with Geoff Smirthwaite's very first plinth and ladder back chair design for a seminar on CE. From then and for the last 25 years Geoff and his wife Sheila were privileged to work with children and prime Conductive Education movers, initially in the UK and then abroad. They attended exhibitions and conferences, visited schools and met many children and people from across the world.

After a few projects with several Conductive Education centres, the news about Geoff and Sheila's ability to collaborate with parents, therapists and children to provide special needs products, spread and the demand rapidly increased. What was initially intended as a retirement hobby soon turned in to a full-time work and the creation of a family business. In 1986 Geoff and Sheila formed G&S Smirthwaite; 25 years on, with over 60 employees, we are proud to sell our products worldwide.

Sadly, Geoff passed away in October 2010 but his legacy lives on and his passion for customer collaboration is still the focus and the catalyst of the company today.

With a comprehensive ranges of products we, at Smirthwaite, aim to assist babies, children & young adults with special needs - we: