'Ask me not what I can do for children with cerebral palsy, but ask me what they can learn to do for themselves'

A. Peto



This website has been developed in memory of Geoff Smirthwaite - the man whose journey with Conductive Education (CE) begun in 1960 and who had an active involvement in shaping the future of furniture used in the Conductive Education. Our aim is to provide a better understanding and pass on the information of Conductive Education, which for many might be a known subject and for others - yet a little bit of a 'mystery'.

If you are a parent whose child might suffer with cerebral palsy or other nervous system disadvantages or motor disorders; or if you are a practicing therapist/conductor or a student; we are committed to making this website a comprehensive resource. We have pulled together insight from conductors, research from leading publications and the latest updates from the internet to present a concise and clear view of Conductive Education. We hope that you find the content easy to read and that it broadens and deepens your understanding.

In order to share with you the aims and benefits of Conductive Education we will start at the roots and the history behind Andras Peto and the Conductive Education Institute in Hungary. We will also share with you real life stories and if you wish to find more support, we will direct you to many Conductive Education centres and charities across the UK.

We can also advice you of Conductive Education products that are used by conductors and have been designed and manufactured with the aim of benefiting the development of your child.

This website also stands as a tribute to the work of Geoff & Sheila Smirthwaite who were dedicated to designing Conductive Education equipment. They both worked tirelessly to advocate Conductive Education. And now, a few years after Geoff passed away, we wish to carry on his legacy, commitment and enthusiasm in order to help babies, children & young adults with special needs!