'Ask me not what I can do for children with cerebral palsy, but ask me what they can learn to do for themselves'

A. Peto



With over 25 years of expereince of designing & manufacturing equipment for babies, children & young adults with special needs, Smirthwaite has developed a full range of products specifically designed for the Conductive Education.

Wide range of ladders, plinths & stools are suitable for a number of Conductive Education approaches and can assist in tailoring each child's programme. All of the wooden products are easy to clean and have anti-microbial properties that ensure surfaces are kept hygienic. With a wide array of handgrabs, handstick, handrail, mirrors, mats and other accessories available to buy online, Smirthwaite products aim to unlock childrens' full potential.

To view the full Conductive Education range and other products visit www.smirthwaite.co.uk.